What do I need to bring for Sconul Access Band B?
I'd like to visit Chelsea College of Art library and borrow some books on my first visit. I've already got a sconul card (band b, one of the old white ones) and my student card obviously. Do I need to bring anything extra to register like a passport sized photo?

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2017     Views: 72

If your SCONUL card is valid you will only need to fill in a registration form at Chelsea College of Arts Library and to bring a passport sized photo for your card. You will also need to have with you your home institution ID card. If your SCONUL card has expired you will need a confirmation email from your home library (to apply, visit: A Band B card will give you borrowing rights (up to 3 items, please note that certains categories of items will be excluded).

We will aim at processing your card as soon as possible, but please notice that we can't guarantee that it will be ready on the same day unless you make an appointment in advance. You can do this by contacting us by email: