I was wondering if you are able to help me with finding the right difference in UK and US size in clothes?
My books seems to be saying different things and I can't find a reliable source online. I'm writing a dissertation on models and are using both british and american authors, so I need to 'translate' to UK sizes,

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Dear Linn,

Thanks for your question about sizing.

I have had a look at the library catalogue and I can see that we have a book called Sizing in Clothing ed. by S.P Ashdown.  You can find it at  It seems to be the most up to date book that we have about sizing in the library at LCF.

I also had a look at the e-library and on WGSN there is an article called 'Sizing surverys: the shape of things to come'.  In the article the author talks about the 'SizeUK' and 'SizeUSA' sizing surveys which took place in the early 2000s.

If you search for 'SizeUK' and 'SizeUSA' on the internet you should find the websites of those organisations.  

However, having had a look at the 'SizeUK' site it seems that the findings of the survey are not freely available to the public.  This may be why you had trouble finding a standard comparision between the two countries.

I then searched the internet a second time for 'SizeUK' and found a link to LCF's website at  

Because staff at LCF worked as part of the research team there is some information about the findings on this webpage. You can also see the names of the staff members who worked on the survey.  You may be able to contact them to ask if they can help you.

I hope that the information above is useful.  

Please get in touch if you have any other questions.

With Regards,


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