I need your help please:(
Hi I am a bit lost with my final collection concept research. I was wondering if you can advice me maybe in what book titles should I look for. I am attaching my concept statement so you can better understanding in what area I am doing my research.

I would be very appreciated for any help. Basically I am looking at my idea from the point of multi-cultural-ism. How do people adapt to living in another culture, how much of their original identity do they keep and how does it change.
I already have a Aestetic of the cool but this is not exactly what I am looking for. I was also looking into these link but our university doesn't operate them so i could download these book:;jsessionid=21F03D2A82E4F3F4FF434D4A99303A82;jsessionid=A40130408DD7652E0C3B6B494C3E41E9

I would be so greatful for your help.

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Can you tell me which course you're doing so I can send your query to the appropriate person.




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