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Dear Sir or Madam,

I decided to write this email only because I believe you appreciate students'
feedback on how libary works. My friends and I love spending time at LCC
library - there is no better place to focus on our projects or simply rest and
read a book after an exhausting day spent on lectures. The problem is that
while library resources are endless and librarians are always happy to
help, there is one thing that has a very bad impact of the effectiveness
of students' work in the library- air circulation. I discussed it with my 
colleagues at our course meeting and everyone complained about the
temperature in the library- it's definitely too hot in there. Many people 
mentioned that it's even harmful for health- students are more susceptible
to diseases when there's such a discrepancy between an indoor temperature
in the library and the weather outside. It's the end of the term- students have
many commitments to fill before Christmas (portfolio submissions, essays, 
exams, etc.) and library is the best place to focus on our work. I believe that
UAL's staff wants to do their best to improve the effectiveness of students'
work, that's why my question is- is there any chance to decrease the 
temperature in the library and start using air conditioning? I believe it will
make students work more efficiently and probably bring even more people 
to the library.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Kindest regards,
Kinga Plachecinska

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Dear Kinga


Thank you very much for your feedback.  We are very aware of the temperature in the library.  Unfortunately we have an old heating system, and we cannot regulate the temperature on the radiators, so they are either off or on.  The heating is centrally controlled for the whole of the workshop block.  We asked for it to be turned down the week before last, which did improve the temperature.  However, it continues to be very mild for November.  We work with our LCC Estates and Maintenance teams and I requested that the temperature be turned down on Monday this week.  This has I hope brought the temperatures to comfortable levels.  The Learning Zone heating is also now fully functioning so we have a common temperature throughout Library Services spaces.


Unfortunately we will not be able to introduce air conditioning as this would be a very costly project.  I do understand that opening the windows introduces noise from works outside college.  Hopefully the contractors have nearly finished the noisiest processes taking place directly outside the library. LCC Senior Management, Estates and Health and Safety staff have been working with Transport For London to try and minimise disruption, and a lot of this project took place during the summer.  In the long term it will mean we have a far better, safer space to enjoy right outside college.


Thank you again for your comments, and please do keep letting us know what you think.


Tania Olsson


Learning Resources Manager

London College of Communication

Elephant & Castle 



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