Library Jobs?
Dear Sir/ Madame

I wanted to enquire if there were any paid library jobs for students? I'm a
second year CSM BA Jewellery Design student, and was hoping that It would
be a possibility for me to work at one of the ual libraries? As a CSM
student It would be preferable to work at the CSM library, but I am
interested in working at any campus. I'm free to work anytime I'm not in
lessons (this includes out of term). Please let me know If there are any
open positions, and If you require a Cv.

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Hello Francesca,

We hire a lot of our support staff through Artstemps ( so you would first need to register with them. Then you can put yourself forward for positions you're interested in and we will receive your CV. We will probably be recruiting for more library shelvers at the end of the Christmas vacation.


Alex (CSM Library)

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