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Dear sir/madam,

I really enjoy the time in CSM's library -the quiet zone, but there is still one problem I am not able to understand. Why you open the air conditioning in quiet zone? It's a bit cold especially the machine near our legs and also the machines are noisy ,there is no extra distraction expect the loud noise when you are reading.
I am looking forward your solutions!Thank you very much!

Best regards,
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Thank you for your query.

All air conditioning in the building is centrally controlled by estates, so library staff aren't able to adjust it. We will report any issues to Estates though, so if you notice any excessive noise if it is too cold or hot, please let library staff know at the time,  and they will pass it on.

The windows in the library do not open very much, and with many people using the space, it is usually necessary to have air conditioning on or it would get very stuffy.

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