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I got this message asking my opinion about the opening hours of the library - if it should be expanded overnight and longer weekend opening. Im totally supportive on that, it would be really helpful to have it expanded as there are lot of students - including me- that works long hours during the day and need to study during the night and weekends. It is important to have a space for that - knowing that most of us share flats, rooms, so there is no space to develop our research outside university. 



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Hello Rafael

Thank you very much for your feedback; we value all feedback from our users.  We are in fact already extending our opening hours in the weekends in the sping and summer terms across UAL libraries, and we are running a pilot in the spring term at CSM and the Learning Zone at KIngs Cross with night opening Mondays to Thursdays.  

You can find the details here Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

kind regards


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