taylor and francis online

just wondering if i as a student had a log on for the website taylor and francis online.

i know we used to be able to use athens, but unfortunately it seems not to include ual in that anymore.


chloe johncock


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Hi Chloe,

thanks for your enquiry. I noticed that you also filled in a resource request/suggestion through the Taylor & Francis webpage. Was Women's Studies in Communication the resource you requested access to on the T&F website? If so, we provide full text access to it, you can check for a journal full text access via the Find e-journals tab (top-right hand side) of the Library Search page.

Library Services subscribes to a selection of resources on T&F, thus I presume that if you access it directly, it may be temperamental. I would recommend you select T&F from the Database A-Z list on the top-right hand side of the Library Search page to avoid complications and allow the authentication process to take place smoothly.

Let me know if you have any further queries.




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