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I found a book I am interested in on COPAC catalogue (which was listed on UAL's library search website) and was wondering how could I borrow it - is it possible to make an interlibrary loan? As I understand the book is at UCL library.

Here is the book (I'm interested in Vol.1):

I am actually particularly interested in one article/essay from this book: Utopia of Nonidentity by Michael Hirsch. (I think it starts at page 47). Maybe it is possible to request a photocopy of it? (As I remember once I got an article sent from British Library this way).

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Hello Jurate

Thank you for your question.  You can request an inter library loan through our library search page.

Log in with your university username and password and go to your interlibrary loans tab on the lower left hand side if the screen. Click on New request and provide all the details that you have about the book that you want.  We will then get back to you with information whether we can obtain this for you.

Many thanks

kind regads

Anna Dolling

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