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Last week I was printing some A3 coloured sheets (at the CSM campus), full images and the quality of the printing I am sorry to say was horrible. I have lines and missing ink from the image. The colours also where nothing like they’re supposed to be, i.e. having red being printed brown, etc... I have wasted £10 on printing which I didn't even use as the quality is not to be presented and I don't think this should happen in an arts school. I had to go elsewhere to get a decent printing quality. I am also asking to get a refund of the money I used for the printing. I still have the printed pages if you want evidence of what I am saying



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The MFDs in CSM Library and Learning Zone should be of a good standard quality, so perhaps the one you used had a fault at the time.  In future, you may wish to try the stand alone printers in the Learning Zone (their printer names start PO...) which are of a better quality than the MFDs, or the CSM Digital Print Workshop in E309 which can do printing at an excellent quality.

These are some general things to be aware of while printing. If you were printing direct from a USB plugged into the printer, you might find you achieve better results by sending the job from a computer. Ensuring the images are saved as either JPEGs, PDFs or TIFF files can also help. Also, it's best to avoid printing from PhotoWizard or Mac Preview, as this often causes portions of the image to be missing.

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