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Dear Librarian,

I am a UCL School of Management researcher and my study revolves around the fashion luxury industry. My supervisor suggested I should consult St. Martins' university library due to its prestige in this industry. Would that be possible? May I borrow some books or am I allowed to consult them only in the Library? Is your reference desk located at this address?

Central Saint Martins
The Granary Building
1 Granary Square

Thanks very much for your help and advice

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Hi Melissa,

If your institution is part of the SCONUL scheme and is signed up for access for your level (not sure if you're Master or PhD) then you would be able to email us with your SCONUL email confirmation and book a place to visit. You would need to email us 48 hours in advance and let us know which date(s) you would like to book. Please note that we have a limited number of spaces each day so you might not get your first choice date.

The email address to use is

Best Wishes


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