How can I Request a PhD thesis from British Library Ethos?
Hello, I require a PhD thesis which is available on the British Library Ethos system. However It has not been digitised yet. How may I request for the Thesis, and do I need to pay for the digitization of the PhD thesis? I have tried to email the author of the thesis but have not heard back from them. Is there another way I may be able to access the Thesis?

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Thesis title: Exhibition production as processes of translation
Author: Rachel Souhami
Awarding Body: University of Manchester

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Dear Prachi,


Yes, you are able to ask for PhD theses on Ethos to be digitized for free. All you have to do is to create an account, choose the title you would like to be digitized, select 'download' in the "download and delivery options" page (this is the only free option, and it means you will be sent a download, not a paper copy of the thesis).

You will be notified by email once the dissertation has been digitized. Then, log back into Ethos and retrieve the download.

I hope this helps, but please email us at for any further help.

Kind regards,

Julia Flood

CSM Library