How can I find an e-book that isn't on the catalogue?

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2022     Views: 67

All purchased e-books that are available for use by UAL students and staff should have a record in the UAL library catalogue: Library Search.

However, there may occasionally be times when available e-books do not get catalogued, or there is a delay in cataloguing.

If you want to search across our main e-book collections, the best way to do this is to go to Articles Plus.

You can find links to this in Library Search, under 'Advanced Search':

and in the main search box:

In Articles Plus, first de-select (un-tick) the default 'Quick Search' category:

then select 'e-Books' from the 'Resource Types' category:

You can then enter your search terms in the 'Full record', 'Title', or 'Author' fields, to see what e-books are available:

For best results, unless you have one specific title or author in mind, use the 'Full record' field.

Alternatively, you can find our main e-book platforms listed in the Database A-Z List.

There is a link to this in the right hand pane of Library Search.

Our main e-book platforms are: 

ProQuest Ebook Central



but we also have collections available via some of our Bloomsbury collections, listed under 'B' in the Database A-Z List, 

as well as collections from EBSCO e-Books and Library Stack.

You can find more help on our e-book platforms on our e-Books Guide.

If you have discovered an e-book title that would be useful for your research and is not currently available for UAL members, you may Suggest a new item, via Library Search and select 'e-Book version' as your preferred format.